About HWHH

About Us

Hearts with Helping Hands is a behavioral health agency, striving to become a true behavioral healthcare network.  We provide both individual and family services in the hopes of creating an improved individual and family dynamic. We offer programming that focuses on helping our clients learn to eat, think, and feel better.  We use an approach that is holistic in nature, focusing on nutritional, financial, parental, mental, spiritual and physical health.  We are an agency that believes all must aligned in order for one to function at their highest level within the global community.

Our Goals

  • Hearts with Helping Hands wants to provide high quality and innovative programming to serve our client base.
  • HWHH will become a true behavioral healthcare network by collaborating with applicable service providers within the community, because just because we don’t offer a service, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lead our client’s to that service if they are in need.
  • HWHH will remain committed to helping youth through sponsorship in youth sports, youth summer programming, and year around activities focusing on youth.
Heart with Helping Hands